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Black Children Do Not Need a Western-Style Education

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This written on Monday, September 20, 2010
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What Black and Hispanic students and other children of color need.

1. They need to learn to trust there teachers and other authority figures.
2.America doesn’t owe them anything. Stress to them the importance of getting off the welfare system and working hard for what they need and want.
3. Get there parents involved as much as possible with there lives. If they don’t speak English, have a translator present.
4. Black and Hispanic students need positive male and females roles in the classroom. And in life in general.
5. Students that show extra interest in certain subjects or are very gifted don’t praise them too much in front of unruly students. This will make him or her a target for harassment. Instead tell them your impressed with there abilities in private.
6. Separate unruly students from the ones that want to learn. Those who want to learn will stay. Those who don’t will leave and drop out. Don’t worry about the ones that drop out. Worry about the ones who show promise. But if the ones that drop out come back, help them.
7. Black students mainly learn better through hands on training. Provide a Dual path for them. Dual paths emphasize both Technical and University Path. Those who show more promise intellectually put them in Honor classes.
8. Never automatically place Black and Hispanic students in Special Education if there failing. This depresses most of them and makes them feel as if they are less. If you they need to be placed in special ed have then tested.
9. Give as much support as you can to Black and Hispanic students that are failing or doing very well. Society generally writes these students off as “unlearn able.”
10. When teaching History, especially European History, explain it in relevant terms how it would affect them now. Most black teens don’t think about history they way whites do. They don’t ponder or think creatively all they care about is here and now. Many of these kids have very tough lives and just not have time or just aren’t taught to dream or think creatively.
11. Institute Martial Art training in Black schools. This will give them the discipline and confidence they need to succeed, they will learn to control there frustrations, learn self defense and most of all respect for themselves, teachers and most of all each other.


Thoughts on the Economy

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This was written on Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I believe the current political parties and systems have completely sold out the people and have bowed down to Zionism and created a world or have and have not’s though Capitalism. While I have nothing against free trade. I believe Europeans peoples should trade with there own European peoples. Africa/Asia and the other 3 world nations must continue trade with each other. We should build up our Nations wealth. And Nationalize our industries. The same can be applied for America. Invest more in earth friendly institutions and limit the usage of fossil fuels. Increase our food production and farms. Work for the betterment of our Nations and people. As free independent people we can’t depend on the current government to feed and clothe our people. A Socialist economy with a semi autonomous community of non Europeans working together for ourselves..

Why I support National Anarchism

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What it means to me.

Hi Well to me what it means to be a part of N-AM. It means that I respect all cultures, traditions, and religions to grow organically and reform in their own way. I respect the rights of Muslims and non Muslims. I respect that some white people don’t want to around minorities and vice versa. Lgbt people and Jews are not my enemy though they have their own beliefs. I reject Zionism that is toxic to other Nation States while respecting Israel’s right to exist. I support the freedom of Palestine and for them to be a self sufficient country. I reject Hamas and Islamic Jihad for them getting more Palestinian people killed then free. I’m a secularist who believes religion should be personal and that the groups needs come before the few. I believe Socialism is the only form of economics that can help organic stress free society. I support Syria’s president Bashar Al Assad’s regime of Democracy and cultural, religious pluralism. I stand with him and Iran against ISIS though I feel Iran’s religious clerics should reform Islamic laws to fit today’s society. I support their right to have a peaceful nuclear program. I stand against America and European hypocrisy against Iran and North Korea having a program. None of them have attacked a nation for years unlike America and the atom bomb being dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.. I respect the rights of other nations that don’t feel America’s way is best for them. I reject white racism. I also reject racism towards whites even though I understand why this is so. I respect the white working class ¬†who are also victims of white supremacy’s war against the white working class. I also reject the idea that every white person is privileged and when they do have racist ideas I solve the issues though debate and my own actions..I stand with fellow African Americans in our fight for justice and equality while giving constructive criticism on the issues that face us. I stand with my Muslim brothers and sisters united against racism, homophobia, sexism, and terrorism. I respect the rights of animals not being killed for sport and ethical consumption of meat..

Personally I feel humans in general have lost the connection to the earth and God period and there culture. To me To me society has become sick. Capitalism and Democracy have failed the people. I feel National Anarchism I feel is a natural organic alternative to a failed class conscious society.

National Anarchism: means that the society is owned, collectively, by the people or “tribe”, and it acts in the interests of the tribe. Our¬†doctrine is homeland, which the earth is sacred to all people and that each ethnic group should have a homeland, because in a consensus group one can declare poisoning the earth to be a great offense. Basically religious, cultural, and ethnic autonomous village communities where each ethnic group or tribe can teach it’s own values to there children and families without fear of harassment. No ethnic group should be forced to live with each other if they don’t want too. We acknowledge that there are thousands if not millions of different ethnic groups speaking many different languages and having different cultures and faiths. Forced multiculturalism has caused conflict and wars resulting in many atrocities against innocent people, along with greed and loss of culture and a general feeling of loss.


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NEVER Forget your culture!

Hello world!

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