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Black History Month

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on January 31, 2011 by afronativepride85

As we celebrate Black History month we must never forget those of African and Indigenous background that have fought and died for our freedoms. We must also acknowledge all the help that Europeans made to the Civil Rights Movenment in history of our nation. Without the Europeans the Civil Rights Movenment wouldn’t have been successful. While we celebrate this month its important that we learn not only about Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, George Washington Carver and Rosa Parks but we should also remember Sitting Bull, Geromino, Sqauto, Crazy Horse and many others. Learn about there lives and struggles they made for this country. Its important that we also learn about Geogre Washington and ALL the founding fathers of this country. African Americans must also remember and not feel offended when some European peoples don’t understand Black History month or don’t share interest in it. This is a holiday made for us and all other non European peoples. Its a happy time for us to learn about our history and culture and meditate on the past and present. Instead of using this holiday just to remember suffering and slavery use it as a model of how even though we had it bad along with the Indigenous Peoples of this country, look at it how we have moved on and became successful. Happy Black History Month.