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Hunger strike by Chilean Starbucks workers.

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In Chile, workers at U.S. franchise Starbucks Coffee radicalized their protest with a hunger strike, since 7th July, more than 200 employees are demanding improvements in their working conditions but the coffee company insists that there are no reason for the strike. teleSUR

My feelings on the strike:

As usual the Capitalist, imperialistic companies are constantly denying there workers better conditions, and a livable wage. Until these 200 workers get their demands met. Their should be a complete and total boycott of the Starbucks company. Although this company supposely supports “Fair Trade” agreements with Latin American growers this still doesn’t excuse this companies treatment of its workers. This company is also known for its support for the apartheid state of Israel who is still continuing to unjustly target Palestinian civilians in its so-called crackdowns on terrorism in Gaza. And the fact that Starbucks says their isnt any reason for the strike shows this company has little interaction with its employees, or has any understanding what the average minimum wage worker has to deal with. Many minimum wage workers have to deal with working two or three jobs to make ends meet. The cost of living is too high. Too many jobs are going overseas. Jobs that provide benefits to there employees are slowly being taken away. Workers that work for overtime pay aren’t being paid for those hours. State and government tax are being automatically taken out of checks. So for a $300.00 check $200.00 is being taken as tax for the government. Not to mention these wothrea also dealing with managers who have no clue what it’s like to start at the bottom and work your up. They also have to deal with the issue of missing and broken tools. Half of the time you spend is spent on looking for tools to do the actual job. Then they have to deal with “slow days” days when hardly any costumers are around. All of this puts strain on the body. Many workers also have to deal with chronic pain and fatigue due to doing the same repetitive tasks for 6-7 hours a day. Many of these jobs threaten employees with termination if they join the union, or become unionized. It’s time for minimum wage workers to take a stand and say no to abuse from these companies. The workers are NOT your slaves and the countries that supply these goods aren’t your there as your personal bank account. Pay a livable wage for the workers in these companies and for the farmers and the countries that produce it. The National Anarchist Movement of El Paso, Texas stands with mistreated workers and farmers.


National Anarchism, Islam, and People of Colour Disabilities.

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Everyday, we often encounter handicapped people. We often stop to chat with them, many of us find ourselves thanking God for creating us free of disabilities while simultaneously uttering dua and prayer for them.

We often consider such people disadvantaged, and feel they are often a burden to their families and societies. So  because of this in many cases their is a stigma associated with being disabled. In many cultures like in Hindu India the disabled are often treated as outcasts , or untouchables. They are often abused, neglected, and sold into slavery. Most of them have little education and lack basic skills to have any self reliance. In the United States life for people with disabilities is a bit better especially if they come from family with financial security. But, many families especially families of colour meaning non European or of Anglo-Saxon origin. Don’t often have the money or have access to health services, or  social workers that specialize in dealing with people with disabilities. And again in many cases disabled people of colour and muslims have to deal with the stigma of being disabled and with being a person of colour or a Muslim. Most religions believe that disabled people should be loved and helped. However what does Islam say how we should treat disabled people? Ironically their is very little evidence in the quran or the traditions of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) that Islam views them in a negitive fashion. For instance, the Quran contains hardly any direct reference to disabled people except in the context of jihad:“Not equal are those of the believers who sit (at home), except those who are disabled, and those who strive hard and fight in the Cause of Allah with their wealth and their lives.” (4:95)

In one story Allah rebuked the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) “peace be upon him” and his holy family for his treatment of a blind man who came to see him.

In Surah Abasa (Ch. 80) the prophet is rebuked on the account of his behavior toward Abdullah ibn Umm Maktum, He does not dwell on the latter’s disability except to refer to him as the “blind man.” In other words, the Prophet is not being admonished on his insensitivity towards a handicapped person, but rather on his negligence of someone who came to him to learn.

So what this example teaches us that we should never neglect people with disabilities or judge them as unworthy of our time and effort. In addition to greeting Abdullah ibn Umm Maktum with respect and humility, the Prophet, pbuh, designated him as the Leader of Madinah many times in his own absence. As far as the Prophet was concerned, Abdullah ibn Umm Maktum’s blindness was not a hindrance in his ability to carry out his duties.

In another story is the case of Julaybib, another companion of the Prophet, is instructive. He was known because of his diminutive figure. He was also described as being deformed or revolting in appearance. Many people in Madinah had made him an outcast, the Prophet, pbuh, instead approached a family to give their beautiful daughter as a bride for Julaybib. The parents of course were blinded by his apparent handicaps – yet their daughter surrendered herself to the will of the Prophet, pbuh.

This shows we should throw aside our own prejudices and assumptions, we must recognize that disability in and of itself is not necessarily a hindrance or disadvantage. Yes it causes the afflicted person far more difficulty than someone who is not in his/her position. This shows in itself why we should make extra efforts to provide for our brothers and sisters by ensuring not only their physical comfort through appropriate measures but their mental and emotional ease as well. We also should never keep them at home as if they are something to be ashamed of. Encourage them to come to the mosque and engage with their brothers/sisters. Take them on family outings and invite them to social gatherings. Most of all don’t treat them as if they are children. Give physical, spiritual, and emotional help when needed. Help them find access to education, jobs, and support for housing. And remember if you see a younger person who walks with a cane or wheelchair don’t frown at them, or talk behind their backs. Just because they aren’t elderly doesn’t mean they aren’t disabled.

Not all disabilities are physical. Some are mental too. Many Muslims and other people of colour often suffer from mental health issues. This is often treated as a stigma too. Some Muslims and People of colour have been abused by there families due to choices in sexuality or religion. Some are veterans and others have been though Wars in there home country. Often they suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) due to violence here in this country and abroad. Others may have anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, Phobias and other issues. The important thing is not to judge them. Be kind to them and love them.

And finally how can a National Anarchist society help Muslims and other minorities deal with the issues of disability. One is that a decentralized community free from the state can deal with these issues in ways that are conducive to there culture, religion, and environment. The community not the state can take care of these people and help when needed. For example in Iran and Islam there is a system called zakat and Khums. These are donations from the faithful that take of needy families and People who are descendents of the holy prophet and his family. Other ways can include giving and making of mobility devices such as, wheelchairs, canes, and walkers. Or one can create business and social services that cater to people with disabilities. Access to jobs and education that will give them self reliance and sufficiency. And more access to mental health services that care to Islamic beliefs and other religious and cultural minorities. These are some things that a National Anarchist society can give to people with disabilities.

Don’t Wake the Russian Bear (Video)

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National Anarchist Movement of El Paso, Texas stands with Novorossiya and there fight for freedom. Both sides of the conflict need to come together on a resolution for peace and cooperation on their own terms not on the EU, United States, or NATO. They are using the Ukrainian people as puppets to further a stalemate between Russia and the U.S. Decentralize your movement and eventually fight for Independence from the state..

Open Revolt!

Don't Wake the Russian Bear

An Important video posted in solidarity with everyone fighting for freedom and justice in Novorossia.



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MMA Legend Fedor Emelianenko on the Conflict in Ukraine

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Fedor Emelianenko on Ukraine confict

My thoughts on the conflict…

I agree with Fedor the Ukrainian government is fighting with a free sovereign people who want to keep ties with Russia. The people are fighting the Far right Ukrainian government and Nationalist who are in the end an extension of U.S., NATO, and far right Nationalists. All of this is to destroy a state that has decided it’s best to stay friends with Russia. What crime have Eastern Ukrainians have done? If the Kiev/U.S. backed government is truly fighting for all Ukrainians why are they killing civilians? Why are they bombing hospitals and kindergarten schools? And what about the ethnic Tartars and the foriegn students studying there? Where will all these refugees go? Russia already has a lot minorities there being targeted of far right Nationalists. This will mean certain death for the Ukrainian minorities and others in Russia. Kiev we know who you are. We know you’re being helped by America we know your far right Nationalists. And the Ukrainian people of Donbass and Novorossiya will defeat you. Novorossiya make your alliance with Russia, rebuilt your cities and finally break away from the central government and create a pro Russia National Anarchist society like others in Western Ukraine..

Open Revolt!


Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) legend Fedor Emelianenko has bravely opened up his feelings about the conflict in Ukraine and Novorossia where he and his family have roots, and the mainstream media’s lies and propaganda on the subject.


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I’m back..After 6 years

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It has 6 years since I created this page and a lot has happened since then. When I first made this page I was a young emerging activist and Political science major. For awhile I held some pretty nasty views about all white people and other minority groups. While I still question issues such as illegal immigration, the media, homosexuality, terrorism  and Islam. I reject homophobia, and racism in all forms. This blog will be written from a perspective of a cis gender black, Shia Muslim with a focus on minority rights. Feel free to read and question what I may say. I also will speak on a fairly new movement called National Anachism and how it can help minorities..I will post links. Feel free to educate yourself.