Hunger strike by Chilean Starbucks workers.

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In Chile, workers at U.S. franchise Starbucks Coffee radicalized their protest with a hunger strike, since 7th July, more than 200 employees are demanding improvements in their working conditions but the coffee company insists that there are no reason for the strike. teleSUR

My feelings on the strike:

As usual the Capitalist, imperialistic companies are constantly denying there workers better conditions, and a livable wage. Until these 200 workers get their demands met. Their should be a complete and total boycott of the Starbucks company. Although this company supposely supports “Fair Trade” agreements with Latin American growers this still doesn’t excuse this companies treatment of its workers. This company is also known for its support for the apartheid state of Israel who is still continuing to unjustly target Palestinian civilians in its so-called crackdowns on terrorism in Gaza. And the fact that Starbucks says their isnt any reason for the strike shows this company has little interaction with its employees, or has any understanding what the average minimum wage worker has to deal with. Many minimum wage workers have to deal with working two or three jobs to make ends meet. The cost of living is too high. Too many jobs are going overseas. Jobs that provide benefits to there employees are slowly being taken away. Workers that work for overtime pay aren’t being paid for those hours. State and government tax are being automatically taken out of checks. So for a $300.00 check $200.00 is being taken as tax for the government. Not to mention these wothrea also dealing with managers who have no clue what it’s like to start at the bottom and work your up. They also have to deal with the issue of missing and broken tools. Half of the time you spend is spent on looking for tools to do the actual job. Then they have to deal with “slow days” days when hardly any costumers are around. All of this puts strain on the body. Many workers also have to deal with chronic pain and fatigue due to doing the same repetitive tasks for 6-7 hours a day. Many of these jobs threaten employees with termination if they join the union, or become unionized. It’s time for minimum wage workers to take a stand and say no to abuse from these companies. The workers are NOT your slaves and the countries that supply these goods aren’t your there as your personal bank account. Pay a livable wage for the workers in these companies and for the farmers and the countries that produce it. The National Anarchist Movement of El Paso, Texas stands with mistreated workers and farmers.


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