This page focuses on the fight for the rights of African American and other Indigenous peoples including (Muslims) here in the United States and abroad. We want the right to live in peace and preserve our cultures and heritages. We are Asians, Africans, African Americans, Native Americans and Hispanics. Some of us dark some of as are light and some are mixed. We are still a beautiful people. Along with our brothers and sisters from the American Indian Movement and The Black Panther Party for self defense and many other groups. We ALL share a common resistance against imperialism and genocide. We are of many tribes, and nations and speak millions of different languages. No tribe or religion is better than another. We are all comrades in a global struggle to protect what little we have left.

What we Want.

We want to preserve our culture and history. Africans, Africans Americans and many other Indigenous peoples have a rich cultural legacy here in the America’s. And wish to teach it to our children.

Economic independence.
We want Economic control of our communities. We want to end the welfare system in our communities. Only we can help and take care our poor, sick and elderly. Welfare is just a modern form of slavery to the government.

Warrior spirit.
We want to bring back the warrior spirit and cultures of our peoples.

We as Tribal and Indigenous peoples from mother earth want the right to practice our faiths (Tribal faiths or Islam/Christianity) as we see fit in our OWN way without being harassed. Nor do we feel we should have to apologize for crimes of a misguided few have done in the name GOD or any other reason.


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